Teacher Battle II

Ever wanted to fight teachers in Overwatch and unleash that rage you’ve had for years/months/days? GLiTCHtv gave that chance to 40 lucky students from all over GD.

The 2nd edition of teacher battle became one of the most watched event in GLiTCH history, thanks to the great effort of the GLiTCHtv committee from GLiTCH. With Yahya, Jeroen, Caleb all together working hard in bringing this to all students.

Teachers from GD have come together to play a game of the ages, to prove who is the real MVP teacher. With each teacher leading a team of students, like Jedi’s and Storm-troopers, came to be 6 teams. Team Arjan, Team Niek, Team Odette, Team Ivo, Team Mark (-Peter) and Team Mitchel, all fighting for the glory status of best gaming teacher.

Live during the tournament

The battle was fierce, with teams mopping the floor while others barely leaving the spawn area without dying. While the team was playing, students and viewers from all around the world tuned in to watch and support their favorite teacher. Chants such as Spark for Mark! and Spam this pet (pug) for team odette! being chanted, the chat was wild!

Each team had its strong points, from Team Mitchel who blasted teams with ease and Team Niek mopping the floor with other players, it was a battle and match full of action. Team Odette, the underdog team, surprised many as students and even Odette herself thought “we ain’t winning, so let’s just play for fun”.

Niek Jonker – Team Niek

In the end, Team Niek was victorious with a final, fierce battle with Team Odette.

Teacher Battles became ever since the talk of the community, with memories and stories being retold. It was an event to behold, but not the last one. So stay tuned into the GLiTCH Discord or Facebook future events like these!

If you’d like to watch the tournament, head on over to https://twitch.tv/hanzeglitch or click on this saved VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/408023867


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