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Odette Jansen

My name is Odette Jansen, a lecturer at Hanze CMD within the topics of Game Design, Intercultural Communication, Coaching & Academic Counseling. My favorite games are Persona 5 and Dragon Age (specifically Dragon Age Origins). You could say that I’m a sucker for a good RPG.

But besides playing games I love hiking with my two dogs, Zazoo & Dante, the pug and the mutt. When I’m not outside jumping in rain puddles or chasing my dogs pigs tail, you could find me painting D&D miniatures, playing D&D or other games with friends, redecorating my house once a month or busy trying new recipes in the kitchen.

Before becoming a teacher, I have worked as a UI/UX designer in the gaming industry for 6 years. As a designer I created for the healthcare industry (games to reduce stress, aggression and child obesity) and was responsible for the UI/UX of Online Soccer Manager. 

But, I have always wanted to be a teacher, I think every student we get here at Hanze, is talented and has the potential to become the best version they want to be, whether that’s as a designer, artist, programmer or producer of games. I want to help people find that passion, find that spark, help ignite it and show people that they can do far more than they initially might have taught. Seeing students challenge themselves and taking risks in achieving their dreams and letting me help them get there is what I love the most about being a teacher.

As a teacher I am very open, I want every student to be themselves 100%. To me it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what your previous experiences are or if you even have any. What I love seeing is students who are eager to learn and grow. Not only as a professional in the gaming industry but also grow as a person. I love being challenged, hearing crazy design ideas and coaching you to make it even better. I ask many questions in order to help you understand your own ideas, thoughts and growth and in doing so coach you to the next level.

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