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Meet Your Teacher:
Manon van ‘t Hul

Hi all! Glitch asked me to write a little introduction, so you know who will be your living nightmare / savior in dark times.

So, here it goes..

In first year you might be seeing me during the following courses; Intercultural communication, professional methods, usability and user testing. I also teach research courses, mostly in 2nd year. Besides being a teacher I also coach 1st students during their projects, and I am an academic counselor. And if that is not enough; I coach 3rd year students who do their internship and 4th year students who are graduating as well.

Before I was a teacher I was a librarian and a communication professional at the Hanze Library. I developed the Hanze Library website and app, organized events like the yearly book sale, made posters, did social media and basically every communication job imaginable. Besides that I also ran workshops for Hanze students, in which I tried to teach them information skills (aka being better at Googling).

I really enjoyed those workshops, interacting with students and teaching new skills. I liked having a laugh with the students, because I think learning and having fun is something you can do at the same time.

So I became a teacher, because I just loved being around students and being part of the learning and growing process that is studying at the Hanze. As a teacher I always try to help students as much as I can, and I encourage students to be open, critical and creative. I like you to be yourself, and I will do my very best for you to be the best version of that.

Some miscellaneous info:

  • I adore cats… I try to add as much cats as I can to my slides. Sometimes students try to bribe me with cat pictures. It hasn’t worked… yet.
  •  Apparently I am quite meme-y (according to students). I have no idea why they came to that conclusion.
  • I like pizza Hawaii. Sorry, not sorry.
  • I got banned by my family from playing board games because of cheating.
  • I played Overwatch for a teacher/student battle and absolutely sucked. My tactic: wander as far as possible from the battle ground, enjoy the scenery a bit. Surprisingly we did not finish last..
  • I have an acquired taste in tv shows; don’t like all the big shows like GOT, Walking Dead or Breaking Bad, etc. They are soo boring, you see the plot coming from miles away and there are always the same tv tropes. Some examples from my watch list: Happy, Blood Drive, Wynonna Earp, Torchwood and Firefly.
  • Marvel over DC, anytime.. Never seen a Star Wars film in my life, and not planning to change that.

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” (Pyramids)

“If you trust in yourself…and believe in your dreams…and follow your star…you’ll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren’t so lazy.” (The Wee Free Men).

  • My absolute favorite writer of all times is Terry Pratchett. His novels are funny with a sharp, sarcastic view on our world, using trolls, dwarfs and witches to do so. I would like to finish this introduction with a quote by him. Well, two – because I could not choose between something about cats and something, you know, highly inspirational and such for you students

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