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Ilja Plustchouw

I’m Ilja Plutschouw. When I was in high school, I was interested in games and got some books from the library that explained how I could program them. I quickly found joy in understanding the inner workings of a computer, making it play music and display all kinds of weird computer graphics visualizations. My goal was to make the computer do seemingly impossible things for its time, like creating tiny PC programs (64kb) that still had complex music and 3d-graphics. A lot of the knowledge and skills I picked up then ended up being very useful for all kinds of programming projects. It made a lot of sense for me to continue in this direction for my study and career. 

I’ve worked in the games industry for a total of 8 years and participated on many released game titles for hardware like the Wii, iPhone, 3DS and PC. My main task on these games was programming, but the programming was very diverse, like implementing game play, low level game engine work and server implementations. I liked the challenges that I found within these different subjects. Since these were small companies, I was also involved in other aspects like game design, project planning, testing and quality assurance. 

I made the switch to education because I enjoy sharing my expertise and hope to spark a similar sense of exploration that I felt when I was learning about technology. This is such a broad field with so much to explore that I think there will almost always be something that fascinates the students.  

Currently, I live with my wife and 3 children in a town just outside Groningen. I enjoy educating myself about the world around me, especially regarding science and technology. I don’t spend as much time playing games as I used to, but I do occasionally pick it up. Games I like include Zelda Breath of the Wild, The Last Guardian, Inside, Flower and Monument Valley. 

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