GD: Demo Day #2

With many students from all around the world come many great creative minds that together bring a plethora of possibilities. 

During the demo day of 9th of April, there were games and apps left and right, each with their own branding, visuals and attractive food for attention. It was a sight to see as this is the first time CMD is displaying all of its talented students’ work outside of the class and into the halls and balconies.

There were games for entertainment such as for the lame, mobile games and even computer games. From strategic jumpers to first-person defense tower, the students had it all! Everyone was all excited, exhausted and relieved that the day is finally here and the time had come to finalize the biggest assignment of this block.

Notable games were Iroukaz, Astro Trip and Super Dancer which had great visuals, design, and programming. Iroukaz, a game that immediately caught the attention of many students due to its pretty visuals and animations while Astro Trip had a great simple game, designed for their client who was lame with limited motor skills.

Iroukaz, a game that immediately caught the attention of many students, is a tower defense game built by the second-year student team Sunny Weather Studios. They go on to take another perspective of tower defense by putting the player in first person mode and having to defend the towers from enemies. From the get-go, it was clear that the AI, the visuals and animations were very well fleshed out! 

Astro Trip a game, developed by Something Fun Studios, for a person with disabilities, specifically those that can only use two input (2 buttons). During the gameplay, Andrea Fernandez, a developer of the team, explained how the game was custom to the target audience they were developing for. From her pitch, it was clear that this game was catered almost entirely for the type of people, such as her client, and had a significant amount of research for nearly every feature of the game. The visuals were beautiful and minimalistic, the gameplay itself is was simple in controls yet challenging, and the game itself, relatively fleshed out and smooth! 

Super Dancer game was a unique game as it introduced dance dance revolution to mobile using only your camera or your laptop camera. So many people were dancing and pulling off countless different types of moves to beat the high scores. The game had different kinds of music and allowed you to dance/bounce/dab in any way! The visuals were straightforward for everyone, and the song selection varied for students with different tastes. It was clear many enjoyed the game for how simple and fun it was, but what really was special, was how the team innovatively programmed the game using a simple camera from your laptop or mobile. All in all, a great experience!

In the end, Sunny Weather Studios received the 1st place award for most “Niek” Dollars received, while Something Fun Studios got 3rd place. An honorable mention must be made to Bongo Games for their creativity, programming, and friendly/positive attitude! 

Bongo games

  • Dennis Mandema
  • Joris Mensen
  • Yoran Mandema
  • Ryan Wallinga
  • Adam Frost

Something Fun Studios

  • Andrea Fernandez
  • Patricia Plaja
  • Hugo Weichert
  • Krasimir Stoyanov
  • Jeff Lenane
  • Mihail Karagyozov

  Sunny Weather Studios 

  • Tom erenstein
  • Oriana Katsanikaki
  • Jannis Lauer
  • Tassio Steinmann
  • Kristiyan Petrov
  • Bram Simonis


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