Jun 05 2021


14:00 - 16:00

Test & Chill Online

The Education Committee will be hosting a Test&Chill Online Event on Saturday, the 5th of June at 2pm on the Test&Chill Discord Server. Individuals or teams will sign up to participate in the event and secure a testing channel. Please join the Test&Chill server before the 5th of June. If someone wishes to only spectate and test games, they are not required to sign up for the event.

During the event, channels will be created for each individual or team that signed up and all participants will be able to navigate between the various channels where testing and demonstrations will be held for the event duration. The person registering your team will be noted as the team captain unless otherwise stated. You are fully responsible for any content that you share during the event and on the Test&Chill Discord Server.

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We're one of the fastest growing association of internationals at the Hanze UAS.
A board member is able to drink up to 10 cups of coffee a day!
We're only 5 years old!
Our most legendary party is the halloween party!
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