Jun 12 2021



Relaxed Gaming Event

Hi all, so a while back we had some suggestions asking for a gaming event that isn’t competitive. We heard you! So on Saturday the 12th at 6 PM gather with the rest of us to sit down and have a game of whatever you feel like. It could be an opportunity to try a new game, maybe you’ll even find your next full-time squad, who knows? Join our Discord and see you there!

If you are not already on our Discord, check out the link tree!


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Did you know?

We're one of the fastest growing association of internationals at the Hanze UAS.
A board member is able to drink up to 10 cups of coffee a day!
We're only 5 years old!
Our most legendary party is the halloween party!
Getting a GLiTCH hoodie will improve your productivity by 17%