Jun 11 2021


15:00 - 17:00

Application Process Workshop

The Education Committee will be hosting the Application Process part-1 workshop on the 11th of June at 15:00 at the GLiTCH Discord. It has been marked on the Event Year Plan Google document now as well. Application Process Workshop is hosted by Amir the game producer of WebbleGames studio located in Amsterdam. Amir will give you suggestions on building the best resume and portfolio ever. He will guide you through the first stage of applying for a job and provide you valuable hints from a game producer.
Workshop Subjects
The Application Process Workshop part-1 will focus on these subjects: Necessary parts of a good resume Cover Letter/email Portfolio/resume LinkedIn/Website Previous projects/ experiences.
What will be the next part?
After the workshop, every student who participates will have a chance to get feedback on their portfolio in the second workshop a week later. The Application Process part-2 will be a week later and will consist of interviews and other related subjects to the application process.
Interested? The workshop will take place on our Discord server, you can sign up here!

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