ANDREEA VOICU Andreea was born and raised in a small town in Romania. She is fueled by stress and is addicted to planning. Her job within the association is to keep everything planned and going the way it is supposed to go. She is the spokesperson for the board and makes sure that no one is stepping on other’s toes.
You can find her downing coffees or working in the office and complain about the mess in there.
chairwoman voicu andreea
Kris is 23 years old and was raised in a small town called Haulerwijk, about 30 kilometers away from Groningen. He is a passionate programmer and spends most of his days honing his skills. He is overly passionate about outer space and watches the stars and satellites with great interest. Before you ask, yes, he is a Trekkie.
As Secretary, his job is to make sure that everything is properly planned and organized. As right hand of the chairwoman he is responsible for organizing the calendar and meeting coordination for the board. He proof reads everything that gets sent to the association and “Can you write an email to...?” became his middle name within the association.
SEAN GROENEWEG Sean is 23 years old and was born and raised in South East Asia. His last 6 years have been an uphill struggle, but he is proud of his position now. His job within the association is to make sure that the books are clean and that no money is being spend without reason.
Sean is a pretty private person, but he does not mind talking to new people at all.
Hugo is 23 years old and born in Brazil with a German dual nationality. He lived in Dubai for most of his life and considers himself a confusing individual at times with a broad background as he has been to different parts of the world. Somehow landing in the Netherlands and studying Game Design. He has been part of Game Design since the first year of his studies and wanted to serve the community even more. His job within the association is to communicate with entities outside of our little GLiTCH bubble and strike deals with partners and sponsors for our events. EXTERNAL AFFAIRS WEICHERT HUGO Board member Kimberly was born and raised in Groningen and has been an active member of GLiTCH since the beginning of her studies. This year she oversees the internal relations within the association. She makes sure that our committees work effectively to create the best experience for our members.
Kimberly is a very social and open person and always available for a good talk or a quick play!

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Did you know?

We're one of the fastest growing association of internationals at the Hanze UAS.
A board member is able to drink up to 10 cups of coffee a day!
We're only 5 years old!
Our most legendary party is the halloween party!
Getting a GLiTCH hoodie will improve your productivity by 17%