Meet Your Teacher: <br>Ilja Plustchouw

I’m Ilja Plutschouw. When I was in high school, I was interested in games and got some books from the library that explained how I could program them. I quickly found joy in understanding the inner workings of a computer, making it play music and display all kinds of weird computer graphics visualizations. My goal was to make the computer do seemingly impossible things for its time, like creating tiny PC programs (64kb) that still had complex music and 3d-graphics. A […]

Meet Your Teacher: <br> Manon van ‘t Hul

Hi all! Glitch asked me to write a little introduction, so you know who will be your living nightmare / savior in dark times. So, here it goes.. In first year you might be seeing me during the following courses; Intercultural communication, professional methods, usability and user testing. I also teach research courses, mostly in […]

Meet Your Teacher: <br> Odette Jansen

My name is Odette Jansen, a lecturer at Hanze CMD within the topics of Game Design, Intercultural Communication, Coaching & Academic Counseling. My favorite games are Persona 5 and Dragon Age (specifically Dragon Age Origins). You could say that I’m a sucker for a good RPG. But besides playing games I love hiking with my […]