Making events come true

This being the first one, It’ll be experimental. I’ll tell you the story of how the first Plug ‘n Play almost didn’t happen. The couple of weeks leading up to the event happened to be quite loaded for everyone on the GLiTCH board – the 2nd and 4th-year students had important school work piled up and I was getting very intense with my internship at Indietopia. It all seemed fine at the time since things were going well and we were cooperating with GeA Fairplay, we even had a nice venue secured on time!

Well, what didn’t occur to any of us was that said venue was 15km away from our office where we have these 4 gorgeous 50″+ HD monitors. These beauties were crucial to the event – we had the consoles but not the screens and there’s not much point to playing games if you can’t see what’s happening. Cue full-on panic in our Slack channels. We went through the five stages of grief at a record time.

We very quickly went from that to asking literally any person we knew that had a car if they could help us with this problem. The initial plan, I believe, was to have board member Roy use his car to transport the screens. The problem with that was that Roy couldn’t drive them back the same day because he had work. However, all’s well that ends well – the venue was kind enough to let us store the monitors there for the night and with a small bribe in the form of a pizza, Roy eagerly woke up early the next day and brought them back safely to the GLiTCH office.


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