GD: Demo Days

Every block, a GD student has to present a project, showing skills, but also teamwork. This time, we’ll take a look at what it takes to be in a team, the challenges of developing a game but also the fun side of things.

When approaching students during Block 2’s demonstration day, they showed great pride in their works and some a bit nervous about what the teachers would think. There were students dressed in formal wear, some in suits and even some in coats to support and promote their game! Something often seen among game design students is the passion and creativity when presenting their products.

Games were all around, ranging from Oculous Go games all the way to HTC Vive games. Some games were focused on life sciences (Oculus Go), others in energy academy (Gear VR and Oculus Rift), or smoke-free Hanze (Oculus Rift) and even some in Driver Safety (HTC Vive).

We approached the group #withthegirls to ask about what they’re project was about.

The challenge was to make a semi-realistic game about driver distraction, making people change their behavior, explained Dragos Raducan a 2nd Year GD Student.

According to Marcel Schokker, the client wanted a game that would influence players on their behavior while on the road.

We wanted to make a game that would impact the user and scare them of the obstacles. If you get distracted on the road and look at things or do something, distracts you and you need to dodge obstacles.”  – Marcel Schokker

The group members explained that they used the logic of training dogs, something similar to Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning. As soon as you look out the window, something happens, either you avoid it on time or get hit.

When the group members of #withthegirls were asked how much fun it was despite the obstacles, they explained, we had a lot of fun times, we went to Alex’s Place (Another Team Member) and joked around or had a drink after work.

With any game development, there is always bound to have a bug or two in the game, so when the group was asked: what was the funniest of them all? 

Definitely the car crashes, when the car crashes it’s meant to make a sound and light the car on fire. So there’s a dog in the passenger seat, and if you crashed, instead of the fire appearing on the car, it would be on the dog. So you’d have a crispy dog.

When asked, why #withthegirls, they were quick to recap, were once in class, and we were talking, there wasn’t a lot of room, so we were packed. If we were to take a pic now, we’d be basic high school girls who take a picture of their shoes together and are like #withthegirls. The only girl in our group wasn’t there, we were 5 boys in a circle. Sadly there was no picture of that moment. 

#withthegirls is one of the many 2nd year GD Groups that one would encounter during a demonstration day. In teamwork, it’s not only about working but also about enjoying their time together. #withthegirls has shown that despite challenges, and glitches, in the end it was all in all, a fun and educative experience.


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